July 28, 2011

Moving your business into the Cloud

Cloud computing is ideal for medium and small scale business. Most of the large scale businesses however, are reluctant to move into the cloud. Mostly because they have already invested on their IT infrastructure or fear of exposing their corporate data. Entrepreneurs are finding cloud computing is more beneficial to their businesses. Mainly because to start their businesses with minimum cost on IT infrastructure.

In Cloud Computing--computing power is used like water or electricity, pay only for usage. This has gained significant benefits for businesses. Scalability is vital for any business and cloud computing allows them to grow computing power with minimum cost. Business can run the IT infrastructure without support of internal tech staff hence save money on payroll.

Drawbacks of using cloud computing are very low compare to its benefits. However, service outages are a major drawback on cloud computing. But those outages are significantly low with major service providers like Google, Salesforce and Amazon.

It is vital for businesses to keep their operation costs to minimum. By moving to cloud computing businesses can gain significant benefits like low operation cost, scalability and availability. For example Google Apps for Business is ideal cloud solution for an small and medium scale business.

July 20, 2011

Most of my personal projects will be retired soon

Finally, I decided to retire most of my personal projects. It was too long ago I developed those software projects and it is time now to put them aside and move on with new ideas. Some of the projects however never actually completed. Following are the projects which are going to retire end of this month and domains are already on sale. Please let me know if anybody interested in purchase.

boilcode.com / codeswave.com – Online code snippet management library for developers.

facebook-stats.com – Facebook statistics such as frequency of updates, user base, top users etc.

twitter-stats.com – Twitter statistics such as frequency of updates, user base, top users etc.

groupon.lkGroupon.com like site for Sri Lanka, i.e. to get best deals in town.

newsflippers.com – This project is actually similar to http://fastflip.googlelabs.com/. Currently the concept still remains but with a different presentation in my new project www.channells.com

prodznet.com – An effort to categories the cheap and best products by price and user reviews on the internet.

qnote.us – Online notepad with offline writing ability.

webexten.com – Replacement for extensible-web.com but decided to keep the name as it is—extensible-web.com

However my XWT Framework project , Extensible-web and Channells.com site still in active development, also some of my new ideas yet to be released.

All the above domains are for sale, but if anybody requires source code please email me and I would be more than happy to send them.

July 16, 2011


Most of the IT guys must have heard the term “SOA”, but there are very few who understand the concepts of it. There are many aspects to SOA in various standpoints. For example a view on SOA can be different from a Business owner to a Technical architect. SOA is not simply a “Web Service”. It is a design paradigm—to develop software as a service.

In technical perspective, it is to expose application functions as services so that the various applications can communicate each other regardless of the various platforms and boundaries. It is an architectural approach which matured from component oriented development and object oriented development.

In business perspective, it is an application design paradigm which will eventually increase the business ROI and reduce the TTM (Time to Market). Business process changes can be easily reflected on the application functions with minimal time & effort. It can also reduce the cost of application maintenance and integration.

SOA is not just a technical artifact—it is a design paradigm which embraces separation of concern and reuse.