August 26, 2011

Is Silverlight really dead?

When Silverlight initially released I was skeptical about it. It was meant to replace Adobe Flash back then. There were quite a few arguments I had with my colleagues about Silverlight and its future. But today, after 4 years of Silverlight’s initial release how many web sites do we see in Silverlight?

The future of the web depends on HTML 5 and Javascript. Open standards and 3rd party libraries are the main reasons for this adaption. I clearly don’t see a potential for another technology. However I’m really impressed with Windows 7 Mobile and MVC from Microsoft. I see a potential in terms of web and mobile. I also heard that Microsoft is working on a new UI application model --“Jupiter” which is simlier to Windows 7 Mobile.

August 5, 2011

Visual Studio LightSwitch

New product in Visual Studio family to create rapid data-centric applications for both desktop and cloud.


Hope this helps!

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