October 30, 2010

iPhone keeps vibrating and no response

My iPhone suddenly started vibrating for no reason and screen was shut down.

Press and hold Lock and Home key for few seconds to reset.

I have no idea why this happend.

October 27, 2010

Gmail like User message control in ASP.NET

(Cross-posted on the Extensible-web)

MessageControl is an ASP.NET control which let you create user message like Gmail Application.

This control is part of the XWT toolkit. Please download and read the MessageControl.

Also read the  Code Project article about MessageControl at the following location.

October 22, 2010

October 20, 2010

jQuery 1.4.3 released

(Cross-posted on the Extensible-web)

jQuery 1.4.3 final version is released. There are some significant enhancement has been done for the entire library, mainly in the performance. Following are some of the new features of jQuery 1.4.3
  • CSS Module Rewrite – Entire CSS Module has been re-written for extensibilit. You can write custom CSS plug-in now to extend the .css() and .animate() functions.
  • Data – There are some enhancement on this area as well. HTML 5 data-attributes, JavaScript object and Events are included in those enhancements.
  • Traversing - The performance of nearly all the major traversal methods has been drastically improved. For example .closest(), .filter() (and as a result, .is()), and .find() have all been greatly improved.
  • Ajax - A few new Ajax features have added. This should be advantage for plugin authors.
  • Events - A convenient shortcut for binding a function that does nothing but return false (preventing the default action and stopping the event bubbling).
  • Effects - All animate methods now support easing. A new property that exposes the rate at which all effects fire (in milliseconds – defaults to 13) also added.
There are much more enhancements for the new jQuery library. You can read in more detail from the following URL.

October 15, 2010

Extensible-Web Toolkit(XWT) RC1 released

Extensible-Web Toolkit(XWT) RC1 released. The toolkit provides simple web controls, framework library for ASP.NET development and built-in integration for jQuery. It will also provide some useful utilities for Web Application developers.

How to create Chrome Notifications

(Cross-posted on the Extensible-web)

Chrome supports Webkitnotifications and Google has done a great job with their notifications for Gmail. This example shoes how to create a recurring notification using JavaScript timer and webkitnotification object.

In order to create a notification the user must first allow notification in their browser. Click on “Allow notification” button in the ASP.NET sample and the permission will be granted.

Following code block will show you how simple is to create a notification object and show it on browser.

notify = window.webkitNotifications.createNotification('iconUrl', 'Extensible-web latest article', 'http://www.extensible-web.com');

Download the full source code.