October 20, 2010

jQuery 1.4.3 released

(Cross-posted on the Extensible-web)

jQuery 1.4.3 final version is released. There are some significant enhancement has been done for the entire library, mainly in the performance. Following are some of the new features of jQuery 1.4.3
  • CSS Module Rewrite – Entire CSS Module has been re-written for extensibilit. You can write custom CSS plug-in now to extend the .css() and .animate() functions.
  • Data – There are some enhancement on this area as well. HTML 5 data-attributes, JavaScript object and Events are included in those enhancements.
  • Traversing - The performance of nearly all the major traversal methods has been drastically improved. For example .closest(), .filter() (and as a result, .is()), and .find() have all been greatly improved.
  • Ajax - A few new Ajax features have added. This should be advantage for plugin authors.
  • Events - A convenient shortcut for binding a function that does nothing but return false (preventing the default action and stopping the event bubbling).
  • Effects - All animate methods now support easing. A new property that exposes the rate at which all effects fire (in milliseconds – defaults to 13) also added.
There are much more enhancements for the new jQuery library. You can read in more detail from the following URL.

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