July 27, 2010

How to downgrade VS Solution

To downgrade a Visual Studio solution, follow the steps below.

1. First backup the .sln file
2. Open .sln file in Notepad
3. Modify the Format Version and the Visual Studio edition (i.e. 2008 or 2005) as shown in the following screen capture.

4. Save and close. 

July 25, 2010

Read Sri Lanka news using this Chrome extension

I just created a Chrome Extension to read Sri Lanka news quickly. Please download and install. Its a very simple extension and I've reused some of the sample code. I will update the extension to be more useful in the future--all your comments are welcome.

Get the extension from here:

July 15, 2010

DataReader vs DataSet

I've been quite frequently asked by the junior developers about the DataReader and DataSets -- so here it is.

Use DataReader For read-only data. For example, to bind custom object collection the ideal option is the DataReader. It is much faster than the DataSet.

Use DataSet to work on disconnected data. For example, to perform CRUD operations in disconnect like mode use DataSets.

I have written a performance test app for DataReader and DataSet. Download the code. Also I have written/discussed about the DataSets and Custom Collections half decade ago--http://www.ludmal.net/2005/05/datasets-vs-collections.html

Also download the Microsoft Application Architecture Guide.

Handling keypress event using jQuery

(Cross-posted from the Extensible-web.com blog)
Handling keypress event using jQuery is fairly easy. Download the sample code.

July 13, 2010

missing sentinel in function call

Quick Tip :
If you're getting "missing sentinel in function call" error while compiling objective-c code, check whether you terminate the array with nil at the end of the array declaration.

feelings = [[NSArray alloc]initWithObjects: @"awesome",@"sad", @"happy","confused",@"angry", nil];

July 6, 2010

Using JQuery in your ASP.NET application.

(Cross-posted from the Extensible-web.com blog)

What is JQuery ?
Most of the developers might already know what JQuery is. But for those who don’t, here it is. JQuery is a JavaScript lightweight library which is easy to use for JavaScript functions.

JQuery is very easy to learn and all you need to know its relevant methods and events. You can find the JQyery API reference here and you can also find some samples.

How can we use JQuery in ASP.NET application?
Real easy—if you’re creating ASP.NET app using Visual Studio 2010, then the relevant script files are already included.

For earlier versions of Visual Studio, you need to download the minified version of JQuery library from here and add the file to your project directory. Include the file as script tags in the pages, which requires JQuery.

July 1, 2010

Extensible Web - New Blog for Faster Web Apps

Finally I decided to create a new blog for tools, tips and tutorials about web application performance and optimizing. Hopefully this blog will help web developers and web masters to fine tune and optimize their web applications.

Extensible Web

P.S. I will be cross posting the Extensible Web posts with this blog.