March 15, 2010

New Google Logo ?

New Google Search page from Gmail - Click on the "Search Web" Button

March 11, 2010

Is Google too powerful ?

How we eat, dress and work determines our quality of life. Similarly, how we use internet too will determine our behavior and the quality of life. Internet can be considered as a third generation utility—considering 1st Gen is Air/Fire/Water and 2nd Gen is Electricity. Living without Internet is almost inevitable. At least 80% of the internet users are using Google search. This ultimately gave them massive amount of valuable data. What do they do with it—Google is analyzing the entire world. They want to know everything about us.

This can be too much power to a singular source—Google. They were able to generate reports in minutes if not in hours almost on any activity in the world. . For example have look at this flu trend worldwide. I spent 2/3 of my time on internet, and Google can easily generate a report on my behavior for the past 7-8 years—in-fact they can say which time period I’ve been most productive and vice versa. However, analyzing a single person’s behavior could be less important to them when they can analyze data for a entire country.

Is Google too powerful ?

March 10, 2010

The Fine Line

Recently I’ve been thinking about the purpose of life and read some books from Dr.Deepak Chopra. I might be too young to evaluate the process of life but for the past 30 years I have gained an immense amount of experience. I’m a quick learner in nature, and I guess that helped me to judge and evaluate the life at least to some extent.

Most of us look at our past sheepishly. But it is never too late to identify, correct and move on. Life is a process—we should optimize the process as we move on. I’ve been analyzing my own activity in the past, positive or negative is secondary however. So I came up with the following diagram. A person’s activity is directly proportional to the outcome, regardless of its negative or positive behavior. For example more active people get frequent outcomes in life, and less active people get less outcomes. But we all need to find the fine line, although it’s arguable in some cases. These ideas are not representing any religion believes or teachings. It is merely an effort to understand the process of life and to optimize it so that we all can live it to the fullest.

For people who think this is irrelevant or just a waste of time—please ignore, but for others please find the following references. What is exciting in life if you do not explore.


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