July 28, 2011

Moving your business into the Cloud

Cloud computing is ideal for medium and small scale business. Most of the large scale businesses however, are reluctant to move into the cloud. Mostly because they have already invested on their IT infrastructure or fear of exposing their corporate data. Entrepreneurs are finding cloud computing is more beneficial to their businesses. Mainly because to start their businesses with minimum cost on IT infrastructure.

In Cloud Computing--computing power is used like water or electricity, pay only for usage. This has gained significant benefits for businesses. Scalability is vital for any business and cloud computing allows them to grow computing power with minimum cost. Business can run the IT infrastructure without support of internal tech staff hence save money on payroll.

Drawbacks of using cloud computing are very low compare to its benefits. However, service outages are a major drawback on cloud computing. But those outages are significantly low with major service providers like Google, Salesforce and Amazon.

It is vital for businesses to keep their operation costs to minimum. By moving to cloud computing businesses can gain significant benefits like low operation cost, scalability and availability. For example Google Apps for Business is ideal cloud solution for an small and medium scale business.

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