April 25, 2011

Why moving to Cloud?

Internet is everywhere and literally it is impossible to survive without internet. Moving to cloud is a smart decision I've made. I have all my documents, photos & projects on Dropbox and I have access to those with my Mac, Office PC and iPhone whenever, wherever required. But while I encourage my friends to move in to the cloud, there are some frequently asked questions. Have a look at them and my answers.

Question: What is the guarantee that my data wont be lost?
Answer: Well, what is the guarantee that your hard disk wont break or your laptop wont get stolen?

Question: Is my data secure? 
Answer: Is your data secure today anyway? what happens if somebody steal your laptop or  hack to your computer. The best practice is not to save any of the confidential data on laptops or personal computers. (Credit Card, Bank account or Passwords)

Question: But I need internet to access to cloud?
Answer: You don't have to connect to internet 24/7 to access your data. For example www.dropbox.com provide an easy way to sync your local folders with their cloud service. So online or offline you will have access to your data.

Question: Why should I move to cloud?
    • how many times you wanted to send your resume or a document but had to wait until you go home and access your home PC? 
    • how many times do you take backups or photos or docs?
    • what happens if your hard disk burnt or someone steal your laptop?
    • what if you want to share a document with your friend and work with him/her collaboratively?
    • how much hassle to go through if you want to re-install your PC?
    • how hard is to find a photo of your last vacation?
    • how many times do you send emails just to access a file on the go?
By answering to the above questions, if you already feel unsecured or unorganized then move in to The Cloud. 
Email me if you need any assistance or consultation on how to setup your working environment. 
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