February 10, 2010

Why Unrealistic Goals are better than Realistic Goals?

It is first quarter of the year and goal setting is imminent for most of us. Most people tend to set the possible and realistic goals for the whole year. Why not setting Unrealistic goals quarterly—sounds impossible?

The importance of goal setting is always considered as a successful strategy for personal development. Accomplishments of goals are arguable and should discuss in separate thread however. This is a merely an effort to illustrate which is more important—Realistic Goals or Unrealistic Goals. Realistic goals settings can be seen as a major culprit to unleash your ability. Even though it is viable for some cases but for most cases it can be a killer of your ability or capability. How many times we have achieved something which we never thought of possible—there are plenty of examples for me personally. We must stretch, expand or broaden our ability to accomplish things. The only way to do is to set unrealistic goals. Achieving 70% of the unrealistic/impossible goals are far better than achieving 100% of the realistic goals. Moreover setting goals for a shorter period of time seems to be more efficient than a longer period. There is a high probability of forgetting or ignoring goals which are set for longer period of time. More importantly we should expect amazing results by achieving goals and not just “results”. Also, don’t forget to reward yourself once you achieve a certain goal.

We are only limited by our thoughts—by keeping this in mind start your own goal setting now, but make it unrealistic/impossible and for short period of time.

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Great article :) thought provoking...