January 18, 2010

What happens if Google shut down their operations in China?

Don’t be evil – informal Google’s company motto. Despite the massive Internet user base in China Google has warned them, that they will stop all of their operations in China. What does this mean to Chinese users? No Google search, no Gmail, no Google Apps and None of the other Google applications. It is like “No Internet” for me at all . At least 90% of my Internet time I spend on Google products. I use Gmail, Google Reader, Google docs, Google Apps, Google Analytics and Google News to name few. So without Google I have nothing to do on the Internet except following my friends on Facebook.

Google as a company evolved immensely in a very short period of time. Their products are very useful and neat. I personally benefits enormously from their products and it is true for most of the Internet users worldwide. China will surely have a considerable impact on their economic growth if Google decided to stop their operations. As an emerging nation China should not be isolated from the rest of the world (Internet World). For me personally, I can't imagine Internet without Google.

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