December 9, 2009

Google Chrome extensions

Recently I've installed some of the Google Chrome extensions and I love It! specially the extensions like Google Tasks, Reader, Gmail & Chrome Touch. I personally like Google chrome because of its simplicity and performance.

In order to install chrome extensions, you must install chrome developer version. This isn't a very stable version but I haven't seen any bugs yet.

1. Installing Chrome Developer Version

a. Download and install the Chrome developer channel from the following location.

b. Then click on the "About Google Chrome" window, once it's fully updated, restart the browser. You're now running Chrome Developer version.

2. Installing Chrome Extensions.

At this point, all set to install the Chrome extensions. You can download the extensions from the following site. Just follow the installation instructions and are you're done.

You can even check out the installed extensions by selecting Tools > Extensions as shown in the following screen capture.

Few cool Chrome Extensions:

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