December 29, 2008

Productivity Tips

As we are moving to a new year, we tend to look for productivity tips which help to improve our productivity. But how many people actually keep continuing? Well, it’s easy to start but hard to continue. I have tried different kind of GTD (Getting things done).

There are plenty of ways where you can manage your Things to do list. A good start would be GTD. But for me I would like to keep things simple. Some of the simple but effective productivity tips which may help you in new year :

· Maintain a simple todo list ( Gmail Tasks)

· Break tasks into small workable items.

· If a task takes 2 min to complete, do it at the same time and do not procrastinating

· Have a weekly review and clear up all the tasks.

Even If its sound so simple, it’s hard to continue. Good luck and have a productive new year!!

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