September 2, 2005

ASP.Net low level view

Ever thought of ASP.NET low level process..?? We shouldn't know but its worth to take look at the ASP.NET pipeline. ASP.NET is far away from the classic ASP apps. ASP.NET is easier & far superior than the classic ASP. Typically a .net web developer should know how to interact with objects & events in which ASP.NET high level interface provides. The entire ASP.NET engine built in managed code. ASP.NET is request processing engine. It takes the incoming requests & passes to its internal pipeline to an endpoint where a client developer can attach code to process that request. Request with .aspx extension will move to the appropriate HttpHandler by the aspnet_isapi.dll. When the request comes in it process by the ASP.NET runtime. Depending on the extension it routes the request to an appropriate handler that is responsible for picking the request. Likewise we can program to any type of extensions with our own custom Httphandler. To get a clear picture of the underlying process take a look at the image below.

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