February 22, 2005

my first blog in the eblogger

hi, this is my first blog in this eblogger... before i used to do blogin in the MSN site.. but it's too complicated.. i just wanna make my blog simple. just like the msdn bloggin.. (.text).. so just finished Business Intelegence .net project.. submit it waiting for the client response.. lets hope for the best. It was tight project but managed deliver it on time.. i couldn't do it without the support of Vs.NET great development tool i have ever used.. but there are some drawback.. few to mention :- the one that really bugging me is the event removing.. after do some desining in the HTML view some of the event it removing from the Init() method.. still got no answer for that.. ohh and yesterday i found out something interesting.. in textbox if set the mode to multiline we cannot set the max length.. i was wondering why..?? am i doing something wrong..?.. need to do some research.. i will put to blog when i came across about vs bugs... doing .net stuff is exciting but sometimes i feel that whether i'm loosing my personal life..(thought i'm not married yet) i will be back with more new .net stuff.. till next time.. cheers.


PrinZ said...

Hi budd welcum 2 blog spot v've been expectin u here (even if that blog in the MSN sucks)

Ok v r ready 4 ur techno stuff. happy bloggin & see ya around

Wellington Perera (a.k.a. Wela) said...

YO !! LudMan

Nice to see ya blogging ...